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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sushi Night!

This weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to be a bit more adventurous with our meal--we both love sushi, so we decided to stop by a Japanese market and make some for dinner!
It was super easy (considering we were able to buy sushi rice, which normally takes up almost 50% of the work), and just cut up different types of sashimi (in our case salmon, tuna, and hamachi), some green onions, avocado, and imitation crab.
We made three different rolls using different combinations:
Salmon roll with avocado and green onion
To make the spicy rolls, we took some tuna/hamachi and minced it, then mixed in some Sriracha sauce to get that kick:
Spicy Tuna roll with imitation crab
Spicy Hamachi roll with green onion and avocado
And used the leftover fish as sashimi:
Overall, a huge success! We stuffed ourselves silly while watching the Oscars (when I showed my mom the pictures, she said, "you ate all that?!"). What better proof of success do you need? ;P

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