The working life---the dawn of a new era

Or so it seems to two college graduates. And so it is with trepidation and excitement that we venture into this world, armed with a handful of recipes and an old spatula. Two women from both ends of the world, bonded by years of friendship and a newly discovered passion for cooking and baking. Care to join us?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Chocolate Coconut Cake

As part of my goals for the year, I decided I would expand my range of baking skills past cookies and apple crumble. I decided on a Chocolate Coconut cake for my dad's birthday. The recipe was taken from Francois Payard's book, Simply Sensational Desserts. There are only a few ingredients needed so I would not advise skimping on the quality of the ingredients. It's a coconut macaroon cake layered with chocolate ganache. I found that the sweetness of the coconut is balanced by the richness of the dark chocolate. The recipe calls for 10.5 oz of dark chocolate and 3.5 oz of milk chocolate, I decided to use only dark chocolate and it turned out quite well.

Click here for the recipe.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Experiment #1: Egg Breakfast Crepe/Wrap

This is actually my 3rd run on the recipe--I just didn't get a chance to take a picture the first 2 times. Yes! Definitely a success: It's basically scrambled eggs cooked quiche-thin (or in my case, however thin I could make it) with some fillings to make a wrap. Extremely easy--I highly recommend it to other newbies.

Here is my inspiration: Skinny Omelette Recipe

Next up... Quiche!