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Monday, May 10, 2010

Experiment #2: Quiche

This is actually a pretty late post (I did the quiche a few weeks ago), but I still wanted to share:

So, this was, again, another relatively easy recipe, with pretty good results. I'm not the biggest fan of pie crusts, especially the pre-made kind. In my opinion, they just get in the way of flavor! So I used phyllo dough (2 sheets, folded in) instead of pie crust, to get a little bit of crust, but not TOO much. The trick with phyllo dough is (as I've learned the hard way) to cover the crust with some aluminum foil to prevent from burning while you bake the quiche. You also need to brush each sheet with some oil (I used oil embellished with some salt, pepper and other spices to give the crust a little bit of taste. I have to say though, this is either a stupid idea, or a brilliant idea that I didn't take too far, because the crust just tasted like crust).

This particular quiche I made with mushrooms, bell peppers, meat (can't remember what type of meat I put), spinach (not too much), fresh basil, and some avocado. Here is a more detailed recipe:

6 eggs (beaten, with salt, pepper and approximately 1 Tbsp milk)
1 Tbsp milk (approx.)
1/2 avocado (cut in small, even pieces)
Basil (few leaves)
1 c spinach
1/2 bell pepper
1 c chopped mushrooms
1 c meat (your choice!)
2 sheets phyllo dough

1. Follow phyllo dough instructions on defrosting. Place phyllo dough on desired baking pan.
2. Stir fry spinach, bell pepper, mushrooms and meat. Let cool.
3. Beat eggs, add milk. Add salt, pepper, and other spices to desired amount.
4. Preheat oven to 400 F
5. Once cool, add cooked ingredients to baking pan. Add basil and avocado.
6. Pour egg mixture on top evenly.
7. Bake for about 30 minutes, checking quiche at around 25 minutes.

The recipe is based on this, but you can mix it up and change ingredients here and there (like I did). Enjoy!

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  1. I'm not a fan of pie crust either - making it or eating it. One of these days, I will have to try making a quiche your way.